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Recovering Inner Slices of Layered Translucent Objects by Multi-frequency Illumination

Kenichiro Tanaka1,2, Yasuhiro Mukaigawa2, Hiroyuki Kubo2, Yasuyuki Matsushita1, 3, Yasushi Yagi1
1 Osaka University, 2 Nara Institute of Science and Technology , 3 Microsoft Research Asia

IEEE Transaction on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI):
IEEE Open Access, [bibtex]

CVPR 2015 (oral) : [Paper, open access (PDF)], IEEE Xplore, [bibtex]


  This paper describes a method for recovering appearance of inner slices of translucent objects. The outer appearance of translucent objects is a summation of the appearance of slices at all depths, where each slice is blurred by depth-dependent point spread functions (PSFs). By exploiting the difference of low-pass characteristics of depth-dependent PSFs, we develop a multi-frequency illumination method for obtaining the appearance of individual inner slices using a coaxial projector-camera setup. Specifically, by measuring the target object with varying the spatial frequency of checker patterns emitted from a projector, our method recovers inner slices via a simple linear solution method. We quantitatively evaluate accuracy of the proposed method by simulations and show qualitative recovery results using real-world scenes.



Oral talk at CVPR 2015 is available.



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